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E Out of Ego Daily Insight – Catching a fly is easy

Have you ever been really frustrated with the buzzing fly while trying to concentrate or have a meeting or a gathering?  It can be embarrassing if it’s your house or office.  It’s seems difficult to remove the fly.  But it is really very easy.  You need to know how a fly flies to be successful at catching the fly.  Here’s the secret – a fly lifts off backward, not like an airplane – forward.  Now you know the system, you can always catch a fly.  We are the same.  People tend to do the same actions, emotions, patterns over again.  If you desire to “catch” a goal which has been elusive, find out more about the way it works.  When you operate the way the system operates, you are successful.  If your ego is stubborn, try putting a key to your house in your car and try to start it.  We need the right key, the simple information for each goal – how the sytem works.  Removing the E out of Ego allows us to be patient and discover the system so we can be successful.

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