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Transforming Las Vegas

jd-lv-bookThanks to the backing of wonderful supporters in Las Vegas, our Wednesday night book signing was a great time for all.  


Near the bright lights of the famous Vegas “Strip”, Transformations a Healing Place sponsored the evening with refreshments and a well filled room of enthusiasts for our EGO refinement presentation.  As we often find, the attendees know so much about the subject that they offer a dynamic interchange of ideas and feelings on how we can change the world – a few people at a time!  We were especially excited to have in attendance our famous Jazz singer friends, Don and Alicia Cunningham, and our long time Las Vegas real estate friends, Michael Circuit and Raye Plehn. 


The owner of Transformations, Victoria Stitzer, promoted the very successful evening.  The venue provided a superb healing environment for our presentation.  During the event, we focused on delightful and in-depth techniques regarding ways to remove the immature Ego from emotion filled communications in relationships and financial matters.


We have been invited back to do a workshop in June and look forward to coming back to Las Vegas this summer.


Jerry & Donna

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