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Book Writing Format Made Easy

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

book writing format
  If you have been driving yourself crazy trying to figure out how to start writing – a book writing format is your cheap and painless solution.  Here’s why.

  A Book Writing Format is like a Map

For your first book, you need to get started.  Maybe you have been wanting to get this written for years, and something keeps stopping you.  Everything gets in the way.  There may be no one to help or encourage or even believe you can do it or should.  But, you know it is something you have a passion for.  So, here’s how to get it off the ground like a plane finally getting off the runway.

 Here is why you need a Map for your Book Writing Format

Ok, now most of us are using a navigation system to get places.  Even if you have money to pay someone to write your book, you will still need this book writing format, unless you are someone like Madonna or Prince!  You can write it digitally or on your computer and get it printed in book form, but nothing will take form until you have your book writing format.

What does it mean to have a book writing format?  It means you have allowed all those saturated ideas of information which are hanging all over the internal caves of your mind and memory to finally drip out into some acceptable arrangement that others can learn from, enjoy or gain from your experience.  But, there must be some reason which brings this mass of communication to life.  It must be given to the world, even if your special world is waiting for you to splurge it out.  You will need to start at a beginning and at some time with an end.


How to begin your book Writing Format

Unless you are writing a training manual for a machine, I suggest that you employ some help from the resources of your own subconscious and in addition from your formal school training.  Why?

A)  If you simply use the formal school training, it can have a supurb outline, all in order and end succinctly.

B) If you only listen to the urges of your subconscious, there may tend to be a flow onlly you know.  You don’t want your book to be like the child that only the mother could love!

So, here we go.

By the way, I have written a book, not a training manual either (I have written many procedures).  One of the best things that happened for me to get the book started and get the book writing format was a message I would say was from my subsciousness.  It was the final motivator to set the ship asail.

Get ready to type or write.  Take a few deep breaths and start thinking and feeling what you have to say.  As you get the sense of concentration, write the first thing that comes to your mind – just write it.

Then take another deep breath and write the next.  Do this several times until you are starting to gain confidence that you – yes you, can put those inner pangs of desire and experience, your book  into written form.

Now, after you have gotten into your subject and the feel of your reason to share this, take time to play with the order you could offer this to the world.


That’s it for your first session!  You are now on the path to action, no longer stuck.  If you want to be sure you get to the finish line, here are a few more tips:

Set a goal date when you will be selling your book.  Make it something which is public so that you wil need to reach it.  Here is an example:  We wanted to have our book ready to sell at a November retreat we attended every year and have a table with book sales.  That motivated us to be ready!  And we were.

You have something important to say or you would never be driven to keep thinking and drea,omg to get a book writing format that puts you on your own map!  so do it, now!

Our book went around the world, that’s it above at the New Dehli Museum in India!


Ego damage

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Coaching has many facets; not the least when your client doesn’t show up.
and in some cases you are asked to help a well know celb. Can you get your Ego out of the way; so that you are in the right space for the next opportunity. Keep a mature personal out look helps. Enjoying the challenge and having fun with life’s adventures keeps me on purpose.
How does it work for you?

How did Brian Klemmer get his ego out of the way

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Klemmer & Assoc. is a leadership training organization known around the world

I new Brian and he was dedicated to being of service to people. He was a living example of Servant Leadership. When he made his shift to start Klemmer & Assoc. he got his ego out of the way to design classes and made a commitment to a 500 years plan that truly  got his ego out of the way.  Now with his passing his plans and legacy are moving ahead without ego or pride getting in the way. His Champions workshops are a  lasting example.

Does your Ego need you or do you need your ego?

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Believe it or not, we feel, the answer is – a little of both!  Our Ego has a purpose to help identify our unique person from others, so we can actually function in our identify.  So, it “needs” you, because are it’s purpose.  Like a finger does not need to do anything, but it needs to be the finger when it needs to pick something up.  It cannot just be the hand.  That would be to clumsey fo the small detail items.  However, if the finger were to decide to tell the hand when and where to move, with nothing to pick up, that would be counter productive – a hand moving around just to please the finger.  Well, you get it.  when our Ego wants to define what we do just to position itself for attentoin or getting in the lime light, that is when we DON’T need that much ego.

Do you have some expamples where you found your ego trying to position itself – and it backfired?  Or a more easy to share experience might be when you caught that desire to shine for shining sake, and held our tongue or did not try to prove you were right – and found fulfillment in a successful happy ending.  This is a work in progress, since many people are catching the tricky side of the ego, and learning to be a better team member.  We are looking forward to hearing your challenges and successes!  Also, go to our facebook site: www.facebook.com/Take-the-e-out-of-ego-go and share your experiences.  Thanks!

Struggling with Change? It is easier than you think!

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Always changing - and beautiful!

Every day we need to ask WHAT DO I WANT?  You know what I found out when I asked myself that?  I was not exactly exactly sure.

Ask yourself – if I could have exactly what I wanted right now – what would it be?  $4000, a new car?  Then what?  Does that make you happy for the LONG RUN?

This book is about getting comfortable with keeping up the change to be as happy and prosperous as we CAN be – ongoing!

Check us out on Amazon Kindle – take it on loan, the new program on Amazon.  You can change your attitute about change.  If it is not – “I am excited about change!”  You could be holding yourself back from greater and greater success – starting now!

E out of Ego Daily Insight

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

When you leave your ego on the sidelines and work with your team as a group, you are a winner no matter the outcome of the game.

Take the E Out of Ego and GO! is available at Agape International Spiritual Center bookstore in Culver City, CA (Los Angeles metro)

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

If you remember the movie and book “The Secret” about the law of attraction…check this out!  You shoulda been there!

Dr Michael Beckwith who appeared on the Secret is the minister at Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, CA.  We took our book to their bookstore for clearance to be sold there and attended the third service last Sunday.

As the final song, our mouths fell open as the choir sang the Gibran quote “On Children” which is the dedication in the front of our book, because Jerry’s mother wrote it in his baby book.  With 1000+ people, we finally got to talk to Rickie Byers Beckwith, the music director and shared our excitement, as she noted that this was the first and only time the choir had ever sung that song.

But, here comes more!  We did not try to talk to Rev Michael.  After three services, and so many people, even though we were here from Arizona, that was a slim chance.  We did however meet some inspiring people and went to lunch with 6 of them, not far from Agape.  Well, we never looked at our watches, and our lunch which started about 1pm was just ending at 4pm.  As we hugged our new friends goodbye (each with book in hand), one of them said, “There comes Rev Michael.  He just drove up, do you want to go give him a book?”  So there came our opportunity, he drove right to us, accepted our book which we signed for him and he thanked us for coming to Agape!  Was that timely or what? (And by the way, it got accepted in the bookstore also, last night!)  We love following intentions and getting help from the universe!

Joining with Technorati

Friday, July 3rd, 2009


Our book is now available on Amazon.com!

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Great News!  Our book, “Take the E out of Ego and GO!” is now available on Amazon.com.  Simply click on the “Buy Now” button on any page of our website, www.EoutofEGO.com, to go directly to our book’s page Amazon. Can’t wait to read it? Read chapter one online and check out the front and back cover by clicking on the “Look Inside” option on our Amazon page!

Take the E out of Ego and GO!  by Jerry and Donna Govan
Removing Roadblocks to Success with powerful secrets to prosperity, relationships, healing  and FUN!



Global Scavenger Hunt Update

Monday, May 11th, 2009

book-cambodiaUnder a HUGE Banyan tree in Cambodia, Bev and Buz Nason pose to get a boost of GO Power from the book “Take the E out of EGO and GO!” which they have been getting signed by the teams and countries on the Global Scavenger Hunt they are competing in. Buz is the oldest male contestant, and Bev is the most traveled female contestant on the Hunt.

They were coming in around the middle of the pack of 10 teams as they came out of Copenhagen, Denmark on their way to Iceland before returning to Boston on May 9th. They left April 17th from Seattle for the global trot for charity sponsored by Great Escapes. This is the 5th year of the Global Scavenger Hunt, the first year for Bev and Buz. We are so grateful that they agreed to take our book along.

This well traveled book will be auctioned off on Ebay next week and the proceeds will be donated to the Great Escape Foundation which helps many people though organizations like Doctors without Borders, CARE and many others. The organization is getting more involved in building schools in Africa as their most recent contribution to world education. If you choose to donate, you can find the link on the front page of EoutofEGO.com. 

E out of Ego coming soon to Amazon.com

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Exciting news today!  Our book is almost ready to be sold on the largest book website in the world.   Take the E out of Ego and GO!   will be available in about two weeks on Amazon.com!


Take the E out of Ego and GO!  by Jerry and Donna Govan

Removing Roadblocks to Success with powerful secrets to prosperity, relationships, healing  and FUN!

Ego Book Travels the World for Charity

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Buz and Bev in India

Buz and Bev in India

Wow, our book (traveling with Bev and Buz) has been from Scottsdale AZ to Seattle, WA, to Taiwan, Cambodia, Thailand, New Dehli India, and now is in Istanbul, Turkey!  Buz said that the imigration officer in India even wrote a note that we were welcome back!  It is fun traveling the world with our book and the blog for the global charity.


Stay tuned; we plan to auction this well traveled and signed book on Ebay sometime after May 9th on the completion of the Global Scavenger Hunt. We really hope Bev and Buz win the most points!

Ego Book is on a Global Trip for Charity!

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Take the E Out of EGO and GO! by Jerry & Donna Govan will be taken on a Global Scavenger Hunt with Bev & Buz Nason of Scottsdale, Arizona.  They will be doing a blog of the trip as they progress. The book will be signed by each winner of the “legs” of the global hunt! 


This is for charity, so this well traveled copy of the book will be auctioned off on Ebay and proceeds donated to the Global Escape Foundation.


We hope you will check in and see where, Buz and Bev are, as they really Take the E out of Ego and GO!

The address is http://bevandbuz.livejournal.com   (note the period after buz).
You can also stay in touch with the event at their website blog. www.globalscavengerhunt.com/2009%20event%20blog.htm.

Transforming Las Vegas

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

jd-lv-bookThanks to the backing of wonderful supporters in Las Vegas, our Wednesday night book signing was a great time for all.  


Near the bright lights of the famous Vegas “Strip”, Transformations a Healing Place sponsored the evening with refreshments and a well filled room of enthusiasts for our EGO refinement presentation.  As we often find, the attendees know so much about the subject that they offer a dynamic interchange of ideas and feelings on how we can change the world – a few people at a time!  We were especially excited to have in attendance our famous Jazz singer friends, Don and Alicia Cunningham, and our long time Las Vegas real estate friends, Michael Circuit and Raye Plehn. 


The owner of Transformations, Victoria Stitzer, promoted the very successful evening.  The venue provided a superb healing environment for our presentation.  During the event, we focused on delightful and in-depth techniques regarding ways to remove the immature Ego from emotion filled communications in relationships and financial matters.


We have been invited back to do a workshop in June and look forward to coming back to Las Vegas this summer.


Jerry & Donna


Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

It Was Like Giving up Chocolate or Candy..

I’m not a formally practicing Catholic or Protestant, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t times to give up some habits for a Lent season! I decided it was a good time to find a habit which was in my way of being more successful!

As a life practice, metaphysics is more my style than religion. Metaphysics to me is positive thinking and pretty free of dogma or ritual practices; it usually has affirmations instead. However, this area of frustration I decided to give up is something I had realized I had been living with for several months now. It needed to be out of my life. That is what caught my breath when the season of lent was mentioned to me. I remember from my religious training, it was a time to give up something that I really liked for a while – forty days (i.e. more than a month). In my background, I couldn’t remember anything I used this for. But right then, I could think of something I really needed to use it for – this really comfortable habit of frustration. (more…)