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Global Scavenger Hunt Update

book-cambodiaUnder a HUGE Banyan tree in Cambodia, Bev and Buz Nason pose to get a boost of GO Power from the book “Take the E out of EGO and GO!” which they have been getting signed by the teams and countries on the Global Scavenger Hunt they are competing in. Buz is the oldest male contestant, and Bev is the most traveled female contestant on the Hunt.

They were coming in around the middle of the pack of 10 teams as they came out of Copenhagen, Denmark on their way to Iceland before returning to Boston on May 9th. They left April 17th from Seattle for the global trot for charity sponsored by Great Escapes. This is the 5th year of the Global Scavenger Hunt, the first year for Bev and Buz. We are so grateful that they agreed to take our book along.

This well traveled book will be auctioned off on Ebay next week and the proceeds will be donated to the Great Escape Foundation which helps many people though organizations like Doctors without Borders, CARE and many others. The organization is getting more involved in building schools in Africa as their most recent contribution to world education. If you choose to donate, you can find the link on the front page of EoutofEGO.com. 

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