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Book Writing Format Made Easy

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

book writing format
  If you have been driving yourself crazy trying to figure out how to start writing – a book writing format is your cheap and painless solution.  Here’s why.

  A Book Writing Format is like a Map

For your first book, you need to get started.  Maybe you have been wanting to get this written for years, and something keeps stopping you.  Everything gets in the way.  There may be no one to help or encourage or even believe you can do it or should.  But, you know it is something you have a passion for.  So, here’s how to get it off the ground like a plane finally getting off the runway.

 Here is why you need a Map for your Book Writing Format

Ok, now most of us are using a navigation system to get places.  Even if you have money to pay someone to write your book, you will still need this book writing format, unless you are someone like Madonna or Prince!  You can write it digitally or on your computer and get it printed in book form, but nothing will take form until you have your book writing format.

What does it mean to have a book writing format?  It means you have allowed all those saturated ideas of information which are hanging all over the internal caves of your mind and memory to finally drip out into some acceptable arrangement that others can learn from, enjoy or gain from your experience.  But, there must be some reason which brings this mass of communication to life.  It must be given to the world, even if your special world is waiting for you to splurge it out.  You will need to start at a beginning and at some time with an end.


How to begin your book Writing Format

Unless you are writing a training manual for a machine, I suggest that you employ some help from the resources of your own subconscious and in addition from your formal school training.  Why?

A)  If you simply use the formal school training, it can have a supurb outline, all in order and end succinctly.

B) If you only listen to the urges of your subconscious, there may tend to be a flow onlly you know.  You don’t want your book to be like the child that only the mother could love!

So, here we go.

By the way, I have written a book, not a training manual either (I have written many procedures).  One of the best things that happened for me to get the book started and get the book writing format was a message I would say was from my subsciousness.  It was the final motivator to set the ship asail.

Get ready to type or write.  Take a few deep breaths and start thinking and feeling what you have to say.  As you get the sense of concentration, write the first thing that comes to your mind – just write it.

Then take another deep breath and write the next.  Do this several times until you are starting to gain confidence that you – yes you, can put those inner pangs of desire and experience, your book  into written form.

Now, after you have gotten into your subject and the feel of your reason to share this, take time to play with the order you could offer this to the world.


That’s it for your first session!  You are now on the path to action, no longer stuck.  If you want to be sure you get to the finish line, here are a few more tips:

Set a goal date when you will be selling your book.  Make it something which is public so that you wil need to reach it.  Here is an example:  We wanted to have our book ready to sell at a November retreat we attended every year and have a table with book sales.  That motivated us to be ready!  And we were.

You have something important to say or you would never be driven to keep thinking and drea,omg to get a book writing format that puts you on your own map!  so do it, now!

Our book went around the world, that’s it above at the New Dehli Museum in India!


Elvis Runs Away

Friday, March 8th, 2013


Elvis runs away from Jerry Govan.  Hi, yes that’s me giving Elvis a good talking to. Yes some of his key people were really trying to help him.

Elvis Runs Away in Las Vegas

The first time that I was asked to work with him on some of his issues was arranged by Alva Boyles his second drummer. I drove to Vegas and was to connect with him after the second show.  All was going well as I enjoyed the show, but as I went back stag to meet Alva, I saw Elvis heading out the back stag door. Alva was in pursuit, but he was gone. Not even a body guard in toe. I hung out in town the next day, but Elvis couldn’t be found. I was with some friends and took off back to Newport Beach.

Elvis Runs Away A Second Time – still in Las Vegas

About two years later Ed Parker Sr., Elvis Black Belt instructor (and body guard) aproached me about counseling Elvis. This was not my profession, but I had coached a number of people and he had seen me c0ach other professionals. We had gotten to know each other through my Rixx lotion(which a lot of athletes and karate trainers were using) even Elvis. Why Elvis?  I am always asked this.  Well if you danced 2 1/2 hrs a night 5 nights a week, your legs and body might want a little help too.

Anyway Ed heard my story about my previous visit to meet Elvis, but he assured me that this would be different. So I went to the MGM in Las Vegas. Ed Parker and Ed Dewey met me at the door and decided to act like my body guard – my own celebrity time.   As I was a Ted Kennedy look alike,  the game began.  It was good for a few laughs. But the two Ed’s got a surprise as I checked in to the MGM. The desk clerk got a call and turned to me and said “Mr Govan everything is taken care of, you have the presidential suite; your stay is totally taken care of.”  “By who,”  I asked. He pointed to the man in the cat bird seat (watching over the casino).  It was the former casino head of the Desert Inn. I looked up at him and we saluted each other. The two Ed’s were amazed. I explained that it was a thank you for a counseling that I did a few years back.

So, things were falling into place. We had a great place to meet with Elvis; our 2nd show reservations were in place. We had great seats for the show. Ed Dewey and I were off to the the Hi-ley games. We were seating comfortably; when Ed Parker came running up.  You won’t believe it but Elvis has canceled the second show and Elvis “has left the building” and I can’t find him.

Yes, it did happen twice .  It is almost hard to believe, but true.  I stayed an extra two days, but his own body quard couldn’t find Elvis.

My conclusion in my experiences with Elvis and others, when dealing with their own demons – their personal issues, is that they are not ready or willing to face them.

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Brian Klemmer Tribute

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

brian klemmer    Brian Klemmer had a 500 year plan, Yes Brian could get his big E out of the way and used his balanced ego to create a working plan that even allowed for his death, Klemmer and Assoc was formed after Brian made the difficult decision to leave PSI world (where his was a leading instructor and a true leader of self).

I had the pleasure of working with Brian and doing visioning. He used the techniques that he taught and attracted other leaders to his organization with direction that truely allow the instructors to use their gifts & talents.

What a treat to see the 500 year plan in action with egos out of the way. Blessing to those who are still working the the plan left by Brian Klemmer and those who moved on to expand their leadership skills.

Jerry Govan

Tribute to Jerry Buss

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

image001    Many good memories of my younger entrepreneur days with Jerry Buss. I remember having lunch with him at the  Tale of the Cock in LA and he was late; I really thought that he wasn’t coming. Suddenly he arrived at the table and said ” did you hear them page me”

No I said, I didn’t hear a page for Jerry Buss.  He said did you hear a page for Dr. Buss. I was a little confused. He said ” I just had myself paged; that’s me Dr. Buss; I wanted to hear how it sounded” I still hadn’t figured it out. The Reason that Jerry was late for our lunch was the he had just received his Doctorate Degree at USC. He was now Dr. Jerry Buss.   Yes, I congratulated him, and I had just learned something new about Jerry, and we had a great lunch of sharing.  He was a great contributor to the city of LA and the people around him.

Magic Johnson’s shares today were a true tribute to the man. Blessings Jerry Govan

Elvis Presley and Ego

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Recently people have made comments that the people around Elvis Presley didn’t care about him, and I decided to share some of my contact with the people who worked with him. These were people who didn’t let their own Ego get in the way of trying to help the King. They had true concern for him. They had come to me and asked me to come to Las Vegas and counsel Elvis. My first question was why me? Their answer was that they felt that because of the way I work with people, that Elvis and I would connect easily and that I could help him get back on track.

My Ego could have gotten in the way; first to note that there was no money involved and secondly I was not a professional counselor. The first person was Alva Boyles ( Elvis’ second drummer) In the early 70’s, Alva asked me to come to LV to meet Elvis and the results were terrible. Elvis disappeared right after the second show (when we were scheduled to meet). The second time was about a year or so later, when Ed Parker Sr. (Elvis’ black belt instructor and personal body guard) asked me to come to Las Vegas again to work with Elvis. Yes, I told him about my prior experience and Ed said no problem I’ve already cleared it. My arrival was somewhat eventful as Ed Parker & Ed Dewey(my partner in Rixx lotion) were having a little fun treating me as if they were my body guards. When you added that to the fact that I was a Sen. Ted Kennedy look alike, we were arriving a the MGM in style. The next thing happened as I was registering. The front received a phone call and then said to me: “Mr Govan you have the Presidential Suite and everything is taken care of.” When
I asked who? The clerk pointed to a man sitting high above the casino in the catbird seat – the general manager. He gave me a salute and I saluted back. My body guard team asked me what that was about. I told them, “That was Mr. S. I counseled his daughter about ten years ago, and I think I just got a thank you.” I was scheduled to see Elvis after the second show and we had the perfect place to meet – in my Presidential suite. So we settled in and went to the High Ly games to wait and attend the second show. Ed Parker was off making sure our seats were all confirmed. But, instead, Ed came running up to our seats at the High Ly game. Out of breath he said “You won’t believe this! Elvis has cancelled the second show and he has left the building; I can’t find him anywhere!” I stayed an extra day in Vegas, but Elvis was nowhere to be found. Remember this story sounds like its about me, but it’s really about letting his fans know the there were really people around him that cared and took action. They used their GO POWER! The results weren’t as planned, but the caring and effort was there.

Calm your Ego – Rebirth Your Real Estate Career

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012
Is your ego calm when you are in transition?  Usually not unless you have reached nirvana or are the Buddha.  If not, it is nerve wracking, stressful and hard to be calm.  The real estate world generally requires patience. But in most states, it now requires the “patience of Job” and the determination of Martin Luther King…

On the road!

Let Go of Pride

Here is a tip:  Pride is good when we are proud of doing a good job, deed or so forth.  Other than that, replacing pride with team effort, looking out for the client’s interest and giving a full, square deal is what helps stay out of ego and into GO!

Your comments?  How do you stay calm in long times of transition or drawn out decisions affecting your life and finances?


Get out of your own way

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

To get out of your own way you first stop and take some deep breaths, and reflect on what is bothering you in the moment.  “Am I trying too hard or just wanting to make something happen?”  Can I ” ClueSo”  it! (like the detective). There are usually many things to investigate!   But when this happens  you go right to the short cut , the culprit (?) Yes you guessed  it, PRIDE. Yes, to get the Ego out of the way, you have to get your Pride out of the way. As Sherlock Holmes would say “Elementary my dear boy(girl)” but not always an easy task! But when tackled; you can get out of your own way.  Once it is exposed, you can just say:  “You’re outta here!”  By the way, don’t forget to laugh at you when it is all over!