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Book Summary

This is a refreshing, variety of stories presented in eight chapters plus the glossary and a Handbook section.  Each chapter includes one or more personal, and rather outrageous story from Jerry Govan’s life that demonstrate how he moved past EGO roadblocks and tapped into his “Go Power”.

“Half-million Dollar Party” shows how Jerry walked away from the Ego temptation of a lot of money after discovering at the 11th hour that it was “laundered,” and “Business is Having Fun while Making Money” shows a timeless, special bond and mutual support between Jerry and a “bag lady” who turned out to be a millionaire.

The “Peacemaker” chapter is about experiences of school age incidents where Jerry kept peace in racially charged situations.  Another chapter, “Swallowing the Ego/Pride,” involves high school kids in inner city Los Angeles being inspired to return to school by self worth programs lead by Jerry and other volunteers. “Standing out in the Army” involves experiences where Jerry’s peacemaking transcended rank and where he again defended racial equality even though it was not at all popular.

The last three chapters are on healing the physical body through changing the way we think, and how to follow intuition.  They are supplemented by hints on the alignment of the body as Jerry introduces us to meridian therapy, now a 40 year old practice.  The book wraps up with a short review of the harmonious relationship Donna and Jerry share and how it unfolded because of the “E” in Ego holding no power. They describe how they use the introspective techniques from this book to maintain the inner peace and the synchronistic power of their relationship daily.

go-power-point3At the end of each story, there is a “GO Power Point” to summarize the “how to” on handling each type of situation without using the “E.”  At the end of the book is a compilation of these GO Power Points with space for recording personal notes and for easy reference.  Every chapter wraps up with simple exercises for discovering and creating an effective personality with less ‘E’.

This book is a collection of Jerry’s key experiences of harnessing the “GO” without the “E” (our new vernacular in the book!) throughout his life and how he maximized his success in body, mind, spirit and relationships. Its goal is to inspire the reader, guiding them to their “GO Power” without the EGO getting in the way and to provide ways to help the expansion of success, health and happiness in life.  This book is not a scientific undertaking to define the Ego.  It contains experiential messages delivered in a light approach, which can be emulated and applied to similar life challenges dealing with pride and pressures.

The book suggests that individuals (as well as relationships) have everything they need to know already within them. If they can recognize and allow themselves to use it, they will naturally GO forward and reach their goals.

The book also suggests that if an individual can get past their EGO power focus (pride), they can allow themselves to BE their GO power. By harnessing natural intuition catching inspirations available in hunches, dreams or even early morning muses; he or she can achieve amazing and powerful solutions to the challenges in life.

The Ego is defined in the glossary with 10 different quotes from notable sources in history. From Plato to Buddha to Ekhart Tolle, the common thread is that the EGO is how one defines them self! The common thread of the book’s message is that our personal EGO definition can be changed!