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For Every Thing there is a Season (Summer) – and a Time… Is this YOUR time?

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Always changing – and beautiful!

Take time just for you this summer. Do you realize, this can be a simple as 10 minutes of time, you can receive inspiration and be refreshed better than having an ice tea!

Do you need some time just for you?  Are your feelings of   fulfillment on the back burner?  When do you become the focus of your time?  There is a season: now.  But  summer can be a good relaxing season.

We just don’t do it.  But here is your challenge.  Instead of wishing for that time, make and take it in tiny relaxing moments.

Well, it can be Summer 2013!   Why is Summer the best time of year?              Summer is that Season, beginning in just a short time…


For the parts of the world where there are very designated climates, summer is a productive time.  For other climates, it is the most difficult because the heat is so intense.

There are seasons – but for you to blossom like the sunflow in this post, there has to be a seed planted, water and the right amount of sun and productive soil (not rock).

Before you say one more time:  I don’t have enough time, join us in catching that concept high and dry and boot it out of your mind.

Here is my favorite reminder from Unity this weekend.  Focus on the outcome.  The universe knows the fastest way.  Decide what you want, ask for it and know you deserve it, and go for it!

Go to the “book preview page” and read the story about the airplane and instant manifestation.   That is the power of the season: know what you want and be ready for the season!

Next time you see a rose, smell it.  Next time you see a sunflower, think of this as your season.  If there are neither, use your imagination, and take those 10 minutes and listen, feel and know that your time is now.