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How to stay relaxed and find your purpose

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Have you ever noticed that you are most relaxed when you first wake up?  This is one of the best times to catch your deeper consciousness which knows your purpose.  Here is how to listen:  Just before you go to sleep, decide to receive information on your purpose during the night.  Put a pad and pen on your bedstand. Then, first thing when you wake up, write down your impressions, words, pictures, thoughts or feelings.  Catch them before you start thinking about the day.  It takes practice for some, but after a couple of times, you will catch some insights.  These will help you see if you are on your path, or give you hints of what your path really is.  For more on intuition and purpose see Take the E Out of Ego and GO! chapter 7.   What is your purpose?  How did you find it?  Check our the Two for One Summer Special on our home page!  Plus we are on Amazon, also for Kindle!