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Is history open to change – Cuba changes

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Can the ego get out of the way.  To Bill Ratliff, Hello Bill I was reading the Stanford news release on Professor Hilton, and I noticed a missing piece of information. In 1957 Prof. Hilton was an advisor on Latin American affairs and prepared a report on Fidel Castro showing that Castro was a Communist. I helped organize those papers and actually drove Prof . Hilton to the airport when he flew to Washington D C to deliver the report to President Eisenhower and the State Dept.
The results were not what Prof Hilton expected; when I picked him up at the airport on his return. he was very distraught. I will quote him, he said,  “They would hardly pay any attention to me and they called me a crack pot.”  He was so un-nerved that I actually took him to a cabin off of Skyline where he spent a week re-grouping himself.
You know the results, President Eisenhower authorized the arms to Castro and the rest is history for Cuba..

Jerry Govan. International Relations. Stanford 58