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Elvis Runs Away

Friday, March 8th, 2013


Elvis runs away from Jerry Govan.  Hi, yes that’s me giving Elvis a good talking to. Yes some of his key people were really trying to help him.

Elvis Runs Away in Las Vegas

The first time that I was asked to work with him on some of his issues was arranged by Alva Boyles his second drummer. I drove to Vegas and was to connect with him after the second show.  All was going well as I enjoyed the show, but as I went back stag to meet Alva, I saw Elvis heading out the back stag door. Alva was in pursuit, but he was gone. Not even a body guard in toe. I hung out in town the next day, but Elvis couldn’t be found. I was with some friends and took off back to Newport Beach.

Elvis Runs Away A Second Time – still in Las Vegas

About two years later Ed Parker Sr., Elvis Black Belt instructor (and body guard) aproached me about counseling Elvis. This was not my profession, but I had coached a number of people and he had seen me c0ach other professionals. We had gotten to know each other through my Rixx lotion(which a lot of athletes and karate trainers were using) even Elvis. Why Elvis?  I am always asked this.  Well if you danced 2 1/2 hrs a night 5 nights a week, your legs and body might want a little help too.

Anyway Ed heard my story about my previous visit to meet Elvis, but he assured me that this would be different. So I went to the MGM in Las Vegas. Ed Parker and Ed Dewey met me at the door and decided to act like my body guard – my own celebrity time.   As I was a Ted Kennedy look alike,  the game began.  It was good for a few laughs. But the two Ed’s got a surprise as I checked in to the MGM. The desk clerk got a call and turned to me and said “Mr Govan everything is taken care of, you have the presidential suite; your stay is totally taken care of.”  “By who,”  I asked. He pointed to the man in the cat bird seat (watching over the casino).  It was the former casino head of the Desert Inn. I looked up at him and we saluted each other. The two Ed’s were amazed. I explained that it was a thank you for a counseling that I did a few years back.

So, things were falling into place. We had a great place to meet with Elvis; our 2nd show reservations were in place. We had great seats for the show. Ed Dewey and I were off to the the Hi-ley games. We were seating comfortably; when Ed Parker came running up.  You won’t believe it but Elvis has canceled the second show and Elvis “has left the building” and I can’t find him.

Yes, it did happen twice .  It is almost hard to believe, but true.  I stayed an extra two days, but his own body quard couldn’t find Elvis.

My conclusion in my experiences with Elvis and others, when dealing with their own demons – their personal issues, is that they are not ready or willing to face them.

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