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Book Preview

Chapter 8 – Part 2

21st Century Healing

Bottle That Healing

Here is another example of how business and healing can intersect. Even though my daughter had her challenges with asthma, she was also an excellent athlete. I came across an outstanding athletic lotion formulated for use on horses, but we discovered that it also worked for strained or sore muscles, arthritis and any inflammation on humans. It had such a good reputation that athletes like Sandy Koufax, Joe Namath and, one year, almost the entire Rams football team bought it as horse liniment but used it on their tired, burning muscles.

A group of us formed a partnership, bought the formula, and went to work on promotion and marketing.  Even after a large investment of time and money, we could not get FDA approval for use on humans, which was typical for that era (from 1969 to 1973). Today, this type of product no longer requires FDA approval. Over the years I have modified the formula, which has as its base an old Indian natural herb.

My children were athletes and we all used that lotion through the years. Now my grandchildren are getting relief from it as well. Our amazing, secret lotion is always handy in a bottle by the bed, in the bathroom, and with us on all our trips. We have shared it with countless friends over the years, and now this healing gift is also turning into a “GO!” for us in business. Donna and I have decided to make it available to more than our family. As this book is going to press, we are preparing to package and market Rixx Lotion.

As you can see, healing and business have powered each other in my life. My mantra, as explained in Chapter 5, is: “Business is having fun while making money,” to which my wife Donna adds, “and we don’t have to suffer in the process!”

Our life work has emerged from this adventure of applying healing techniques in business! We facilitate spiritual and healing classes on living in the 21st century, provide consulting in business techniques and share our rejuvenating lotion. We have put our ‘GO’ power in full forward motion, and it is constantly revitalizing us!


GO Power Point: Once you find where you need healing or rejuvenating, get ‘GO’ing, because that could soon be your new business and inspiration.


Physical Healing of Others

These stories illustrate that healing the body is just one more application of using intuition to heal one’s self and heal relationships. At this point, many people get a little leery. “Oh yeah? Like those TV ministers who promise a healing if you just send in a check?” Nope. It’s more like studying modern and ancient techniques for years and then using that knowledge plus intuition to act on the profound connections that tie us all together.

But that sounds a little off the wall. Let’s get down to the brass tacks.

First, I believe in traditional medicine too. It has saved my life three times! But the scientific method that underlies traditional medical approaches is very new in human history, and there’s no reason we should not also learn from more ancient traditions.

Take acupuncture. It comes from the Taoist tradition that goes back 8,000 years in China. That was even before people began writing down such things. Do you think the Chinese would have continued using it if it didn’t work? The Aborigines of Australia have a culture that is 10,000 years old! Even though much of their medical lore has been lost, enough survives that we know they were geniuses in the uses of medicinal herbs and healing rituals.

Today, we think we know more about everything than any humans in the past. What’s  true is, that in spite of the astonishing advances in modern medicine, we still can gain value by paying attention to healing methods of the past

But the real problem many people have with alternative healing techniques is that they threaten a socially accepted view. Some skeptics may look at the kind of meridian healing I do and say, “How can a few motions of a hand over a leg restore a woman to walking? It’s not logical!” Well, it is, because it’s based on logic of a higher order, just like quantum physics is based on far more subtle and surprising logic than Newton’s mechanical universe.

The fact is, many people tend to hold onto their assumptions about the way things are so they can sleep at night. That works until a profound crisis hits that threatens everything.

Do you believe you can heal, given the right education and mentoring? Is that really more amazing than knowing someone will call and ten seconds later the phone rings and you say, “I was just thinking about you calling?” Doesn’t it all come from the same intuitive source?

Let me suggest something here.. We all have the innate ability to heal. We need to trust it, allow it, and listen to it.  Wouldn’t it be fun to explore and uncover your own limitless healing capacities?

If you need scientific validation for the ideas that underlie non-traditional healing techniques, it’s coming in every day. Even the U.S. government’s National Institutes of Health sponsors research and clinical trials on everything from acupuncture to herbal healing.

I mentioned earlier that I was introduced to healing because of my daughter’s medical condition. Dr. John Thie, one of my healing mentors, was on the cutting edge at that time (1970) just writing the book “Touch for Health,” and neither he nor his ideas were well accepted in Western medicine. Today, his work is taught in fifty countries around the world.

By working with Dr. Thie, I was able to apply my new knowledge in dramatic ways, and as a father, to change the course of my daughter’s life for the better. Because of that experience, I offer another GO Power Point for you to consider:


GO Power Point:  Find a trusted mentor who will help you learn how to develop and nurture your healing capacities.


Now another healing experience comes to mind, one where I was allowed to assist a mother of twins to heal herself.

Hawaii Healings

I had been invited to Hawaii for the grand opening of the Kui Lima Hotel on the Windward side of the island of Oahu. I was at the swimming pool and started playing with two cute little twin girls about six or seven years old. I told them I’d better ask their mother for permission to play with them because she didn’t know me.

I went over and introduced myself to their mother and she said, “I can’t go in swimming right now so, yes, it’s fine. The girls are having a good time and they love playing with you.”

After the fun swimming, the little girls played on the lawn and I began chatting with their mother. She told me that she had a menstrual period that had persisted every day for a whole year, and had been having transfusions so she would not become anemic from the blood loss. Her father was the chief surgeon at BostonHospital, and she’d had access to all the top specialists but none of them had been able to stop it.

I said, “Well, if you will allow me, maybe I can come by your place tomorrow and share the meridian therapy technique.” She was very interested and invited me to come by for lunch.

After lunch, I worked on her meridians and balanced most of her lower body. We worked again the next day, and early the following morning she called me at my hotel and was ecstatic. “It’s all stopped!” she practically shouted. She wanted to introduce me to every doctor in Hawaii. I went by to see her again, and this time, she actually went swimming.

I was also able to share some emotional and relaxation guidance with her, which I have always found to be a major assistance in a physical healing. She needed it because she was recently divorced.

She called her father, the chief surgeon, excited to have found a solution, and he said it probably would have happened naturally. He did not acknowledge that it could have had anything to do with meridian therapy. But, of course, I think it did. This was an example of how Western medicine was not yet open to alternative healing techniques.