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d_govan_headshot1Jerry and Donna Govan have lived as entrepreneurs and go by the business motto: “Business is having fun while making money.” They met teaching leadership classes, and bring a wealth of knowledge in handling life with intuition, teamwork, “GO power” and focused humility.

They love the challenge of living in their full potential and helping others to do the same with this book and their ongoing Go Power Workshops (see Workshops and Events page for more information).

Jerry Govan is a successful businessman, real estate developer, teacher of transformative strategies for human development, father and a natural healer. As early as grade school his fun and daring style started him into leadership roles which have continued throughout his career. Following the “inner voice” and being a maverick and an entrepreneur all contributed to a life dedicated to innovation and helping others on the cutting edge. Now, as an author, Jerry brings a wealth of  history to life in his stories.

Donna Govan is a zestful partner for Jerry. Donna, also a mother, has been a national and international executive with the Inner Peace Movement and Americana Leadership College. She traveled and presented programs  on topics ranging from leadership to spiritual growth, and was involved in running their Puerto Rico and Iowa headquarters for over 20 years.

As a team, Donna and Jerry provide each other the spark that moves them beyond ego to a place in life that allows constant change and wonderful unexpected opportunities and creativity!

They currently live in Mesa, Arizona