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Elvis Presley and Ego

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Recently people have made comments that the people around Elvis Presley didn’t care about him, and I decided to share some of my contact with the people who worked with him. These were people who didn’t let their own Ego get in the way of trying to help the King. They had true concern for him. They had come to me and asked me to come to Las Vegas and counsel Elvis. My first question was why me? Their answer was that they felt that because of the way I work with people, that Elvis and I would connect easily and that I could help him get back on track.

My Ego could have gotten in the way; first to note that there was no money involved and secondly I was not a professional counselor. The first person was Alva Boyles ( Elvis’ second drummer) In the early 70’s, Alva asked me to come to LV to meet Elvis and the results were terrible. Elvis disappeared right after the second show (when we were scheduled to meet). The second time was about a year or so later, when Ed Parker Sr. (Elvis’ black belt instructor and personal body guard) asked me to come to Las Vegas again to work with Elvis. Yes, I told him about my prior experience and Ed said no problem I’ve already cleared it. My arrival was somewhat eventful as Ed Parker & Ed Dewey(my partner in Rixx lotion) were having a little fun treating me as if they were my body guards. When you added that to the fact that I was a Sen. Ted Kennedy look alike, we were arriving a the MGM in style. The next thing happened as I was registering. The front received a phone call and then said to me: “Mr Govan you have the Presidential Suite and everything is taken care of.” When
I asked who? The clerk pointed to a man sitting high above the casino in the catbird seat – the general manager. He gave me a salute and I saluted back. My body guard team asked me what that was about. I told them, “That was Mr. S. I counseled his daughter about ten years ago, and I think I just got a thank you.” I was scheduled to see Elvis after the second show and we had the perfect place to meet – in my Presidential suite. So we settled in and went to the High Ly games to wait and attend the second show. Ed Parker was off making sure our seats were all confirmed. But, instead, Ed came running up to our seats at the High Ly game. Out of breath he said “You won’t believe this! Elvis has cancelled the second show and he has left the building; I can’t find him anywhere!” I stayed an extra day in Vegas, but Elvis was nowhere to be found. Remember this story sounds like its about me, but it’s really about letting his fans know the there were really people around him that cared and took action. They used their GO POWER! The results weren’t as planned, but the caring and effort was there.

Calm your Ego – Rebirth Your Real Estate Career

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012
Is your ego calm when you are in transition?  Usually not unless you have reached nirvana or are the Buddha.  If not, it is nerve wracking, stressful and hard to be calm.  The real estate world generally requires patience. But in most states, it now requires the “patience of Job” and the determination of Martin Luther King…

On the road!

Let Go of Pride

Here is a tip:  Pride is good when we are proud of doing a good job, deed or so forth.  Other than that, replacing pride with team effort, looking out for the client’s interest and giving a full, square deal is what helps stay out of ego and into GO!

Your comments?  How do you stay calm in long times of transition or drawn out decisions affecting your life and finances?


Get out of your own way

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

To get out of your own way you first stop and take some deep breaths, and reflect on what is bothering you in the moment.  “Am I trying too hard or just wanting to make something happen?”  Can I ” ClueSo”  it! (like the detective). There are usually many things to investigate!   But when this happens  you go right to the short cut , the culprit (?) Yes you guessed  it, PRIDE. Yes, to get the Ego out of the way, you have to get your Pride out of the way. As Sherlock Holmes would say “Elementary my dear boy(girl)” but not always an easy task! But when tackled; you can get out of your own way.  Once it is exposed, you can just say:  “You’re outta here!”  By the way, don’t forget to laugh at you when it is all over!

Does your Ego need you or do you need your ego?

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Believe it or not, we feel, the answer is – a little of both!  Our Ego has a purpose to help identify our unique person from others, so we can actually function in our identify.  So, it “needs” you, because are it’s purpose.  Like a finger does not need to do anything, but it needs to be the finger when it needs to pick something up.  It cannot just be the hand.  That would be to clumsey fo the small detail items.  However, if the finger were to decide to tell the hand when and where to move, with nothing to pick up, that would be counter productive – a hand moving around just to please the finger.  Well, you get it.  when our Ego wants to define what we do just to position itself for attentoin or getting in the lime light, that is when we DON’T need that much ego.

Do you have some expamples where you found your ego trying to position itself – and it backfired?  Or a more easy to share experience might be when you caught that desire to shine for shining sake, and held our tongue or did not try to prove you were right – and found fulfillment in a successful happy ending.  This is a work in progress, since many people are catching the tricky side of the ego, and learning to be a better team member.  We are looking forward to hearing your challenges and successes!  Also, go to our facebook site: www.facebook.com/Take-the-e-out-of-ego-go and share your experiences.  Thanks!

Be Bigger Than your Ego

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Ok. how? Where to start. Yes getting Pride out of the way is a good staring point. Where you go from here is up to you.  Be the master of your own CHOICE’S and set your path to remove your road blocks to success.  . Have you thought that you couldn’t call someone because  you thought they were unaccessible?  Really all you had to do is pick up the phone and call them. Was pride in the way?  I have to remind myself all the time to not be self conscious, or turn myself down before I even make the call.

As you read “Take the “E” out Ego & Go!” find your personal triggers and give yourself permission to develop your mature side to your Ego and get th big E (energy) out of the way; and enjoy the adventure.

Is helping People Your passion?

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Of all the things we do, build and accomplish, the part which is most exciting and longest lasting is the fulfillment of helping people.  In our case the even deeper and more happy and successful feeling is helping people help themselves.  This is just truly part of our purpose in life.

What are you passionate about?  What inspires you?  Love to hear from you!

Leave your ego on the sidelines

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

When playing team sports leave your ego on the sidelines.  Why? team work creates synergy, What your experience?

What happened when you wanted to be the Star?

Struggling with Change? It is easier than you think!

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Always changing - and beautiful!

Every day we need to ask WHAT DO I WANT?  You know what I found out when I asked myself that?  I was not exactly exactly sure.

Ask yourself – if I could have exactly what I wanted right now – what would it be?  $4000, a new car?  Then what?  Does that make you happy for the LONG RUN?

This book is about getting comfortable with keeping up the change to be as happy and prosperous as we CAN be – ongoing!

Check us out on Amazon Kindle – take it on loan, the new program on Amazon.  You can change your attitute about change.  If it is not – “I am excited about change!”  You could be holding yourself back from greater and greater success – starting now!

Need Change? Looking for new inspiration?

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Many of the challenges coming up in the current economy are holding people back and bringing up old fears.  If you find some of this happening to you, tap into some age old wisdom.  Scroll down and watch the short video.  We all need a boost and help to restart or change.  Did you know that Walt Disney went bankrupt 4 or 5 times in his lifetime, but it did not stop him from reaching his dream.  He also had a support team which may call a MasterMind team. 

If you are wondering how to get the excitement back in your business or your life – read the short chapter on this website and consider ordering the hardback or the Kindle version of these true stories to reinspire you to go for your dreams, recapture your personal power, make that change – and have fun doing it!!

How to stay relaxed and find your purpose

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Have you ever noticed that you are most relaxed when you first wake up?  This is one of the best times to catch your deeper consciousness which knows your purpose.  Here is how to listen:  Just before you go to sleep, decide to receive information on your purpose during the night.  Put a pad and pen on your bedstand. Then, first thing when you wake up, write down your impressions, words, pictures, thoughts or feelings.  Catch them before you start thinking about the day.  It takes practice for some, but after a couple of times, you will catch some insights.  These will help you see if you are on your path, or give you hints of what your path really is.  For more on intuition and purpose see Take the E Out of Ego and GO! chapter 7.   What is your purpose?  How did you find it?  Check our the Two for One Summer Special on our home page!  Plus we are on Amazon, also for Kindle!

Young journalist review of “Take the E Out of Ego & GO!” coming!

Monday, June 28th, 2010

“Each of your stories fit in perfectly to the message that you are sending out.”  …”I like how it was written; very easy to read and I didn’t need to be at a high intellectual level to understand the theme and deep meanings behind it.  The ego can control a lot, but you two show that  happens when the ego drops out of the race and the real leader comes to play.”  More:  see the Press Page.

Summer’s coming, Time to ride the wave of change to self empowerment

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

When we feel challenged by change, fears can creep in.  Summer is a unique time to enjoy the out of doors, breath deeper and start something fresh and new!  What about a change to self empowerment?

In Go Power Point #8 Jerry says  “Don’t buck the tide, swallow your pride and jump in the water, catch the wave and ride it toward your goals.”  You don’t have to be a surfer dude to ride a wave.  But it is necessary to have a goal to ride a wave toward it!  Many of us go to the beach, float around, as we do in our life without a goal.

Try something this summer:  set a goal to get to know yourself better, become a better friend of yourself.  That means self empowerment.  Give yourself the pat on the back of encouragement.  Enjoy the summer – take some of the power of the ocean and ride it to a goal – pick one.  Then keep catching the wave, practicing over and over till you reach it!  This will be a summer you will remember! 

PS Take the E Out of Ego & GO! Makes a wonderful graduation gift – young adults will find it a fun read with lots of sports analogies, a couple army stories, and a Handbook of keys to a successful life without ego.

Go Power Point of the Week – Trust Your Hunches

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

go power pointWatch for the clues of where NOT to go and …. Don’t go there.  Trust your hunches.


If we sense something is good for us to do, we need to simply do it, and not be stubborn.  This is like trusting a hunch.  This would be an example of a balanced ego.  Even though there may be resistance or hesitation or apprehension, we can STEP UP and trust our gut.

For example, if you were to go hiking in a forest at night.  Would you ask yourself – Is there a good path that I could follow?  Do I have a planned destination?  Is there a reasonably good map?  Is it my balanced ego in charge, or is it just my Ego emotion? 

How does our ego get in the way?  If you decided to go hiking at night in a strange area, even though you didn’t know the area in the dark, could that be trying to prove something?  It is usually a form of pride, when we are determined to prove something.  It is the ego’s biggest way of influencing our actions and attitudes or how we go about something.

Many times we know from our hunches what to do, but are involved in the outer social influences, and ignore our inner feeling or hunch.  In this example if you were going to go hiking at night in an area you were not familiar, your senses would likely tell you to get a  guide or not go till daylight. When we listen from within and without we can take a moment to take assess all the options. 

Jerry often tells a story at our Go Power Workshops about the Rabbi who was lost in the forest.  He did not come home that night.  So his parishioners decided to go looking for him the next day.  When they finally found him they were elated.  However, their first words to the Rabbi were, “We are so excited to have found you, but we have one problem; we are lost!”  The Rabbi’s reply was right to the point.  “Well,” he said, “I can tell you were not to go!”

In our workshops, we don’t tell you where to go; we help you interpret your own clues about where to go or where not to go.   The experience is all about trusting and following your feelings and hunches. 

Watch for the clues of where NOT to go.  If you tune into your awareness, you will find much more power in your life when you recognize how your ego is getting in the way of you getting more out of life.  Trust your hunches, and go with your gut feelings. The next step is taking action, which we will address in one of our next articles. 

If you would like to read more about this please check out our website:  www.EoutofEgo.com.


Take the E out of Ego & GO! was written by Jerry and Donna Govan and is available on amazon.com in paperback and Kindle.

Healing – Our new all natural, anti-inflammatory Healing Lotion

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

As mentioned in our book  in the healing chapter, (page 135) we have had a fun filled adventure creating the new Rixx Herbal healing Lotion.   Rixx Lotion includes one of the oldest known herbal remedies in North America to heal skin and naturally sooth sore muscles, minor inflammation and pain from arthritis.

Just like having the dream for the perfect ending, this product went through it’s own evolution.  When we thought we had the final product a new door was opened for us to have a more synergistic healing lotion than we had envisioned.

Oh yes, we did have to get the “E” in ego out of the way.  It allowed us to accept an experiment with a new formula that was beyond our expectations.  So now all I can say (this is Jerry)  try it, I guarantee you’re gonna love it!

Go Power Point of the Week

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

go power pointGo Power Point #149:

Watch for the clues of where NOT to go and … don’t go there.  Trust your hunches