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Go Power Point of the Week – Trust Your Hunches

go power pointWatch for the clues of where NOT to go and …. Don’t go there.  Trust your hunches.


If we sense something is good for us to do, we need to simply do it, and not be stubborn.  This is like trusting a hunch.  This would be an example of a balanced ego.  Even though there may be resistance or hesitation or apprehension, we can STEP UP and trust our gut.

For example, if you were to go hiking in a forest at night.  Would you ask yourself – Is there a good path that I could follow?  Do I have a planned destination?  Is there a reasonably good map?  Is it my balanced ego in charge, or is it just my Ego emotion? 

How does our ego get in the way?  If you decided to go hiking at night in a strange area, even though you didn’t know the area in the dark, could that be trying to prove something?  It is usually a form of pride, when we are determined to prove something.  It is the ego’s biggest way of influencing our actions and attitudes or how we go about something.

Many times we know from our hunches what to do, but are involved in the outer social influences, and ignore our inner feeling or hunch.  In this example if you were going to go hiking at night in an area you were not familiar, your senses would likely tell you to get a  guide or not go till daylight. When we listen from within and without we can take a moment to take assess all the options. 

Jerry often tells a story at our Go Power Workshops about the Rabbi who was lost in the forest.  He did not come home that night.  So his parishioners decided to go looking for him the next day.  When they finally found him they were elated.  However, their first words to the Rabbi were, “We are so excited to have found you, but we have one problem; we are lost!”  The Rabbi’s reply was right to the point.  “Well,” he said, “I can tell you were not to go!”

In our workshops, we don’t tell you where to go; we help you interpret your own clues about where to go or where not to go.   The experience is all about trusting and following your feelings and hunches. 

Watch for the clues of where NOT to go.  If you tune into your awareness, you will find much more power in your life when you recognize how your ego is getting in the way of you getting more out of life.  Trust your hunches, and go with your gut feelings. The next step is taking action, which we will address in one of our next articles. 

If you would like to read more about this please check out our website:  www.EoutofEgo.com.


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  2. admin Says:

    how are your hunches doing? I have a hunch that you are writing a book; get your pride out of the way and tell me more. If you have read the book; what stimulated you? Trust your go power and let your shares be your prayers.