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Ego Book Travels the World for Charity

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Buz and Bev in India

Buz and Bev in India

Wow, our book (traveling with Bev and Buz) has been from Scottsdale AZ to Seattle, WA, to Taiwan, Cambodia, Thailand, New Dehli India, and now is in Istanbul, Turkey!  Buz said that the imigration officer in India even wrote a note that we were welcome back!  It is fun traveling the world with our book and the blog for the global charity.


Stay tuned; we plan to auction this well traveled and signed book on Ebay sometime after May 9th on the completion of the Global Scavenger Hunt. We really hope Bev and Buz win the most points!

Ego Book is on a Global Trip for Charity!

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Take the E Out of EGO and GO! by Jerry & Donna Govan will be taken on a Global Scavenger Hunt with Bev & Buz Nason of Scottsdale, Arizona.  They will be doing a blog of the trip as they progress. The book will be signed by each winner of the “legs” of the global hunt! 


This is for charity, so this well traveled copy of the book will be auctioned off on Ebay and proceeds donated to the Global Escape Foundation.


We hope you will check in and see where, Buz and Bev are, as they really Take the E out of Ego and GO!

The address is http://bevandbuz.livejournal.com   (note the period after buz).
You can also stay in touch with the event at their website blog. www.globalscavengerhunt.com/2009%20event%20blog.htm.

Transforming Las Vegas

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

jd-lv-bookThanks to the backing of wonderful supporters in Las Vegas, our Wednesday night book signing was a great time for all.  


Near the bright lights of the famous Vegas “Strip”, Transformations a Healing Place sponsored the evening with refreshments and a well filled room of enthusiasts for our EGO refinement presentation.  As we often find, the attendees know so much about the subject that they offer a dynamic interchange of ideas and feelings on how we can change the world – a few people at a time!  We were especially excited to have in attendance our famous Jazz singer friends, Don and Alicia Cunningham, and our long time Las Vegas real estate friends, Michael Circuit and Raye Plehn. 


The owner of Transformations, Victoria Stitzer, promoted the very successful evening.  The venue provided a superb healing environment for our presentation.  During the event, we focused on delightful and in-depth techniques regarding ways to remove the immature Ego from emotion filled communications in relationships and financial matters.


We have been invited back to do a workshop in June and look forward to coming back to Las Vegas this summer.


Jerry & Donna


Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

It Was Like Giving up Chocolate or Candy..

I’m not a formally practicing Catholic or Protestant, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t times to give up some habits for a Lent season! I decided it was a good time to find a habit which was in my way of being more successful!

As a life practice, metaphysics is more my style than religion. Metaphysics to me is positive thinking and pretty free of dogma or ritual practices; it usually has affirmations instead. However, this area of frustration I decided to give up is something I had realized I had been living with for several months now. It needed to be out of my life. That is what caught my breath when the season of lent was mentioned to me. I remember from my religious training, it was a time to give up something that I really liked for a while – forty days (i.e. more than a month). In my background, I couldn’t remember anything I used this for. But right then, I could think of something I really needed to use it for – this really comfortable habit of frustration. (more…)