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Tribute to Jerry Buss

image001    Many good memories of my younger entrepreneur days with Jerry Buss. I remember having lunch with him at the  Tale of the Cock in LA and he was late; I really thought that he wasn’t coming. Suddenly he arrived at the table and said ” did you hear them page me”

No I said, I didn’t hear a page for Jerry Buss.  He said did you hear a page for Dr. Buss. I was a little confused. He said ” I just had myself paged; that’s me Dr. Buss; I wanted to hear how it sounded” I still hadn’t figured it out. The Reason that Jerry was late for our lunch was the he had just received his Doctorate Degree at USC. He was now Dr. Jerry Buss.   Yes, I congratulated him, and I had just learned something new about Jerry, and we had a great lunch of sharing.  He was a great contributor to the city of LA and the people around him.

Magic Johnson’s shares today were a true tribute to the man. Blessings Jerry Govan

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