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Here is the First GO Power Point from the Book!

Hi everyone!

Here it is, the First GO POWER POINT:
“Unexpected ripples can spread from the simple choice of using your intuition and allowing creativity.” – Chapter 6 page 104

This is the GO Power Point at the end of the story where Jerry got total use of a new airplane for almost NOTHING.  And it was before the internet!  All he did was mentally ask…

Interested in finding out how to change the challenges in your life experiences to happiness and improving health and wealth?  This airplane story followed the one when he got the use of an airplane for almost NOTHING in one hour after deciding that is what his company needed. (the first airplane experience is posted on our website: www.EoutofEgo.com as an excerpt).  Then it got taken away, and he didn’t get depressed, just decided that another one could show up just like the first one.  Here is another one of Jerry’s sayings:  If you miss the first streetcar (bus, plane, taxi, opportunity…) there is always another one coming!

We are excited to hear your feedback – has this happened to you?  Do you want positive surprises and improvements to create more GO power and peace in your life?  Let us know about your ideas on “unexpected ripples” and “allowing creativity.”
 How about “choice?” 

Looking forward to hearing from you all!
Donna (& Jerry)

Posted by EoutofEGO.com Blog at 1/23/2009 11:11 AM

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