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Politics or education – which needs more “taking the Ego out?”

We have been doing our daily soul searching.  For a week it has been on determining where our true “Niche” to help people might be.
We are passionate about “giving to receive.”   We realize we need to invest in order to reap the end product, whatever we envision our harvest to be.  We have really dreamed all along to reach out to “kids,”  youth.  A lot of people in politics have operated from a big Ego for a long time because our society trains us that way.  We offer that it is far more enriching to swim to be the best, than to swim to beat the competition. So between politics or education,  We  think education provides more chances for  “taking the Ego out” to be effective.  Why?  Because young people are still forming their life patterns and might more often keep the Ego out and go for being their best. Politics, we need someone to keep running interference.  We think Obama has started to set an example of level headed “take the Ego out” thinking.  We think our “niche” is going to involve education, especially in the youth.  Love to hear your viewpoints as always.  Donna

Posted by EoutofEGO.com Blog at 1/27/2009 11:19 PM

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